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Earliest detectable deformation of roof is progressively concave

Earliest detectable deformation of roof is progressively concave

Confirmation of concave deformation of roof: Drop movement of antenna compared to 3 key roofline anchor points on the NE, NW and SW corners of the perimeter

Points from both views are traced and plotted below:

Sauret viewpoint: NE corner, NW corner and large antenna drops compared

The antenna begins to move downward in frame 130. The NW corner doesn't begin to be displaced downward until around frame 210.

Here is my previous graph with the addition of a trace of the following region...

As you can see, downward antenna movement precedes downward movement of the impact region.

Global deformation movement from frames 120 to 220

Looking from the Sauret projection at the whole building above floor 92, flashing between frames 120 and 220 (just over 1.5 sec interval). Remember that the NW corner starts to accelerate downwards around frame 224:

In order to see the degree and direction of local deformation at any point, just hold your pointer still over that point and notice the degree of wiggle.


1) The east corner of the building stays pretty still. The whole portion below floor 98 stays pretty still.
2) The NW corner window washer actually wiggles east-west. Almost no downward displacement, but observable eastward displacement.
3) Notice that the whole west corner above floor 98 is being pulled inwards. The pull-in first becomes noticeable just above floor 98 and grows much stronger in the top few floors.
4) From this projection, the antenna is moving downwards and hooking to the east. It is as if it is falling and slightly pivoting. It seems as if its eastward angle increases slightly over this interval.

Notice how the antenna fall seems directly related to the pull-in of the window washer on the NW corner. As if the building is being pulled downward from the eastern side of the core, pulling the antenna down with a slight pivot and the NW corner with it.

The outer columns of the building provide an excellent grid that allows one to see how the whole upper west side is being pulled over to the east, but the east side of the building remains still.


This simple visual tool allows you to verify that the tendencies documented in the drop and drift curves shown to you represent very real movement that grows into visible deformations. Movement from as early as Sauret frame 140 is visible to the naked eye.

NBC viewpoint: antenna drop compared to SW corner fire drop and 95th and 98th floor ejections

The 95th floor ejections appear in the first frame of this animated gif image. The animation covers 70 frames at 25 frames per second.

Frame 1: 95th floor ejections appear

frame 25: antenna starts to visibly move

frame 52: 98th floor ejections begin, 104th floor SW corner fire starts to visibly move downward

Downward movement of the antenna is measured well before the SW corner is observed to move.

Measurement of the large antenna, SW corner fire and NW corner washer drops from the NW NBC viewpoint shows once again that the antenna was moving downward before the SW and NW corners of the building.

(notes: Black - Antenna
Red - Washer
Purple - SW Fire

59.94 fps - Resolution Doubled. 1 pixel on the graph is 0.5 pixels on the original video.

Measurements from both viewpoints show early antenna movement when compared to any point on the perimeter of the building. All drop measurements and all visual evidence shows the antenna sinking into the perimeter of the building during the earliest detectable movements.

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