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Why Fact-check? Why preserve a visual record?

The Website Written as a Book
1: Science and Subjective Viewpoints
2: Toward Accurate Collapse Histories
....2.1: Progressive Floor Collapses in the WTC Towers
....2.2: General Global Characteristics of Collapses
....2.3: Mathematical Basis of ROOSD Propagation
....2.4: WTC1 Accurate Collapse History
....2.5: WTC2 Accurate Collapse History
....2.6: WTC7 Accurate Collapse History
3: WTC Collapse Misrepresentations
....3.1: Purpose of the NIST Reports
....3.2: NIST WTC1 Misrepresentations
....3.3: NIST WTC7 Misrepresentations
....3.4: NIST WTC2 Misrepresentations
....3.5: Reviewing the Purpose of NIST and FEMA Reports
....3.6: Bazant Misrepresentation of Collapse Progressions
....3.7: Block Misrepresentations of Collapse Progressions
....3.8: AE911T Misrepresentations of the Collapses
4: Scientific Institutions Can Be Unaware of Contradiction
5: Reassessing the Question of Demolition
....5.1: The Case of WTC1
....5.2: The Case of WTC2
....5.3: The Case of WTC7
6: WTC Collapse Records Studied as Meme Replication
....6.1: Meme Replication in Technical Literature
....6.2: Meme Replication in Mass Media
....6.3: Meme Replication in Popular Culture
....6.4: John Q Public and the WTC Collapse Records

WTC Twin Towers Collapse Dynamics

Official, Legal Attempts to Explain Collapses

Academic Attempts to Explain Collapses Reviewed

On the Limits of Science and Technology

WTC Video Record

WTC Photographic Record
WTC1 Attack to Collapse
WTC2 Attack to Collapse
Fire Progression, WTC1 North Face
Fire Progression, WTC1 South Face
Fire Progression, WTC1 East Face
Fire Progression, WTC1 West Face
Fire Progression, WTC2 North Face
Fire Progression, WTC2 South Face
Fire Progression, WTC2 East Face
Fire Progression, WTC2 West Face
Debris: WTC1 Around Footprint
Debris: WTC2 Around Footprint
Debris: From WTC1 Westward
Debris: From WTC1 Northward
Debris: From WTC2 Eastward
Debris: From WTC2 Southward
Debris: Plaza Area, Northeast Complex
Debris: Hilton Hotel, Southwest Complex
Debris: General, Unidentified Locations
Damage to Surrounding Buildings
Perimeter Column Photo Record
Perimeter Columns: Types of Damage
Core Box Columns: Types of Damage
Complete Photo Archive
Other Major 9-11 Photo Archives
The 911Dataset Project

WTC Structural Information

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Online Misrepresentations of the WTC Collapses

Forum, Blog Representations of the WTC Collapses

The Book Tested Through Experiments

Miscellaneous Notes, Resources
FAQ for Miscellaneous Notes
History Commons 9/11 Timeline
The 911Dataset Project
Skyscraper Safety Campaign
First and Largest 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
Key Words in Book and Website
Trapped Within a Narrowed False Choice
Vulnerability and Requestioning
On Memes and Memetics
Obedience, Conformity and Mental Structure
Denial, Avoidance (Taboo) and Mental Structure
Taboos Against Reviewing the Collapse Events
Extreme Situations and Mental Structure
Suggestibility, Hypnosis and Mental Structure
Awareness and Behavior
Magical, Religious, Scientific Cause-Effect Relations
The Extreme Limits of Mental Dysfunction
Orwell's "Crimestop", "Doublethink", "Blackwhite"
William James, Max Born: Science as Philosophy
Plato on Self Reflection and Mental Structure
Rewriting History, part 1
Rewriting History, part 2
On Smart Idiots

New Ideas in Education

Critical Review of 9/11 Blogger

Critical Review of 9/11 Blogger

9-11 Blogger has become the source for much daily news on the 9-11-01 attacks.


9-11 Blogger lists only 4 websites worldwide as being recommended inquiry sites:

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice
Journal of 9/11 Studies
Cooperative Research

The first 3 sites present identical research information. The final listing does not offer technical research.

This means that 9-11 Blogger edits as if the technical research of STJ911 and AE911T is the only valid and significant research our planet has to offer.

This website examines the work of independent researchers and the work of organized groups like STJ911 and AE911T.

In truth, most every significant new discovery has been made by independent researchers. They are linked with other observations in menus on the left of the page.

These discoveries are ignored, while only information from AE911T and STJ911 is posted regularly. For this reason, 911 Blogger actually helps bury some of the best new research by systematically ignoring it.

In order to find the best new research, one has to ignore 911 Blogger and look elsewhere.

911 Blogger main sources of technical research

The large majority of technical research digested by the average reader of 9-11 Blogger is done by only a handful of individuals:

Richard Gage

Steven Jones

Kevin Ryan

Aiden Monaghan


Niels Harret (recent, of microchip fame)

James Gourley

Jim Hoffman

David Chandler.

Notice how every one of these technical sources offers slightly different variations of one and the same opinion. They are essentially clones of one another. They echo and reinforce one another.

Unfortunately, more knowledgeable researchers are ignored unless they agree with this narrow, largely incorrect analysis offered by this small web of groups sharing identical viewpoints.

This is further evidence that the editorial process of 9-11 Blogger favors only a handful of researchers with one and the same viewpoint.

The wise reader knows that honest technical discussions cannot be pre-edited to fit only a single point of view. Hence 9-11 Blogger is a poor source of technical news, useless in its hopeless bias towards only one way of seeing current research.

9-11 Blogger as a promotional mouthpiece for STJ911 and AE911T

Promotion of one particular group of technical argunents leaves 9-11 Blogger vulnerable to poor argumention.

Weak arguments often pass unchallenged. Superior arguments offered on other websites are ignored if they do not conform with the claims of STJ911 and AE911T.

Tragically, STJ911 and AE911T offer very poor arguments for demoltion when compared to the state of current research. Therefore, 9-11 Blogger often promotes technical information that is false or misleading. While sophisticated arguments for demolition do exist, 9-11 Blogger will not allow them to be posted because they are viewed as "competition" to the largely incorrect arguments given by STJ911 and AE911T.

In this way 9-11 Blogger unwittingly serves as a censor of new research and discoveries far better than the ones they promote.

In this way it can be understood how coalescing around a small body of incorrect technical data can effectively kill active research.

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