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Why Fact-check? Why preserve a visual record?

The Website Written as a Book
1: Science and Subjective Viewpoints
2: Toward Accurate Collapse Histories
....2.1: Progressive Floor Collapses in the WTC Towers
....2.2: General Global Characteristics of Collapses
....2.3: Mathematical Basis of ROOSD Propagation
....2.4: WTC1 Accurate Collapse History
....2.5: WTC2 Accurate Collapse History
....2.6: WTC7 Accurate Collapse History
3: WTC Collapse Misrepresentations
....3.1: Purpose of the NIST Reports
....3.2: NIST WTC1 Misrepresentations
....3.3: NIST WTC7 Misrepresentations
....3.4: NIST WTC2 Misrepresentations
....3.5: Reviewing the Purpose of NIST and FEMA Reports
....3.6: Bazant Misrepresentation of Collapse Progressions
....3.7: Block Misrepresentations of Collapse Progressions
....3.8: AE911T Misrepresentations of the Collapses
4: Scientific Institutions Can Be Unaware of Contradiction
5: Reassessing the Question of Demolition
....5.1: The Case of WTC1
....5.2: The Case of WTC2
....5.3: The Case of WTC7
6: WTC Collapse Records Studied as Meme Replication
....6.1: Meme Replication in Technical Literature
....6.2: Meme Replication in Mass Media
....6.3: Meme Replication in Popular Culture
....6.4: John Q Public and the WTC Collapse Records

WTC Twin Towers Collapse Dynamics

Official, Legal Attempts to Explain Collapses

Academic Attempts to Explain Collapses Reviewed

On the Limits of Science and Technology

WTC Video Record

WTC Photographic Record
WTC1 Attack to Collapse
WTC2 Attack to Collapse
Fire Progression, WTC1 North Face
Fire Progression, WTC1 South Face
Fire Progression, WTC1 East Face
Fire Progression, WTC1 West Face
Fire Progression, WTC2 North Face
Fire Progression, WTC2 South Face
Fire Progression, WTC2 East Face
Fire Progression, WTC2 West Face
Debris: WTC1 Around Footprint
Debris: WTC2 Around Footprint
Debris: From WTC1 Westward
Debris: From WTC1 Northward
Debris: From WTC2 Eastward
Debris: From WTC2 Southward
Debris: Plaza Area, Northeast Complex
Debris: Hilton Hotel, Southwest Complex
Debris: General, Unidentified Locations
Damage to Surrounding Buildings
Perimeter Column Photo Record
Perimeter Columns: Types of Damage
Core Box Columns: Types of Damage
Complete Photo Archive
Other Major 9-11 Photo Archives
The 911Dataset Project

WTC Structural Information

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Online Misrepresentations of the WTC Collapses

Forum, Blog Representations of the WTC Collapses

The Book Tested Through Experiments

Miscellaneous Notes, Resources
FAQ for Miscellaneous Notes
History Commons 9/11 Timeline
The 911Dataset Project
Skyscraper Safety Campaign
First and Largest 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
Key Words in Book and Website
Trapped Within a Narrowed False Choice
Vulnerability and Requestioning
On Memes and Memetics
Obedience, Conformity and Mental Structure
Denial, Avoidance (Taboo) and Mental Structure
Taboos Against Reviewing the Collapse Events
Extreme Situations and Mental Structure
Suggestibility, Hypnosis and Mental Structure
Awareness and Behavior
Magical, Religious, Scientific Cause-Effect Relations
The Extreme Limits of Mental Dysfunction
Orwell's "Crimestop", "Doublethink", "Blackwhite"
William James, Max Born: Science as Philosophy
Plato on Self Reflection and Mental Structure
Rewriting History, part 1
Rewriting History, part 2
On Smart Idiots

New Ideas in Education

Source VIdeo used for Measurements and Object Tracking

Source VIdeo used for Measurements and Object Tracking

All object tracking measurements shown on this website are taken from the following source video.

Capable readers are encouraged to check and verify all results to their satisfaction.

Source video information

video sources:

Sauret viewpoint

Youtube version:

The first 20 seconds are the original Sauret video.


1) The camera shakes about 9.5 seconds before collapse.
2) The antenna and the NW corner of the building begin to slowly move during or immediately after the camera shake.


achimspok Sauret version: starts some seconds prior to the shaking camera.

File specs:
97.730.578 bytes
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch 224Kbps [AC-3]
Video: MPEG2 Video 720x480 (16:9) 29.97fps 9608Kbps [Video]
duration: 02:04,124

The unfolded video fields into frames gives 7440 frames at 59.94fps. Just a segment of it is used. Frame 2005 of the unfolded version is the first frame "000".

Link to the original file:

Link to the upscaled segment used as numbered JPEGs and separated into the video fields.

Camera position:
1342m north
662m east
elevation 32m
The architecture in that area doesn't allow for many possibilities and those possibilities would affect the results in a very small way since the most important relation is the appearance of the antenna in the projection plane of the north face. For this projection plane we get the pixel-height relation from the video. It wouldn't change at all. So the results should be very close if the Sauret camera is placed 1342m north and 662m east of the center of the north tower at 32m above ground. The north tower is 29° turned towards the east.

NW NBC viewpoint original file:

camera position relative to the center of the north tower:
662.84m north
29.26m east
1.5m elevation
28° tower turned towards east

NE NBC viewpoint
camera position in relation to the center of WTC1
272m north
1506m east
elevation 130m

on the roof of the reddish building here


NBC NW-corner and Sauret synchronized (1920x1080)
Download available at:
It is a packed rar. It includes numbered JPGs for every frame at 59.94fps and the numbering Achimspok used. The videos are 29,97fps! Therefore you always have the same frame twice. The Sauret included is the blown up "field 0" of the original interlaced frames.

Video synchronisation is performed relative to multiple physical events on the building at frame level.

ETA: An example...


CNN west clips


FOX south clips


OWE Sauret version: framerate is 29.97 (recombined fields). The set of points are over-determined because there's some uncertainty in matching. Hopefully this assists. An entire thread devoted to this may provide additional info:

and a comment on why OWE frame numbers are off by 10 from the beginning of the segment are the first couple of paragraphs of this post:

There is a difference of 195 frames between OWE's and achimspok's versions.

Enhanced video sources

Achimspok Sauret video long version

which measures from the period before the camera shaking at 10 seconds before visible collapse.

Long version

available at:

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