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Why Fact-check? Why preserve a visual record?

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Studies of a Falsified Photo, Part 3

Studies of a Falsified Photo, Part 3


A Case of Bad Photoshopping.

The enlarged image shown above is of beam #1 in the picture presented by Steven Jones, the very first picture that he shows in his paper mentioned before.

Steven Jones has personally assured me that this photograph is authentic.

We can immediately spot 4 photoshop mistakes in this picture.

We will first focus on what we have labelled "inexplicable hanging material" in the above photo.

This inexplicable material had appeared only for this picture, which the photographer claims to have taken on 9-27-01. It didn't exist before this time and it apparently disappeared just after this picture was taken.

Please recall that there is an object just behind beam #1 which we call "object A".

In the series of 3 pictures shown above, please note that you can see this hanging material in the first picture only.

The 2 pictures on the right are known to have been taken on 10-3-01.

In the pictures below we can see object A from the opposite side.

These pictures were all taken before 9-27-01.

Can you see the mystery material hanging from object A?

But the reader may wonder if this mystery material is not from some object in the debris further in the background, behind object A.

This cannot be because there was only empty space behind object A and the distant damaged building in the far background, WTC 5.

You will be able to see this in the following pair of photos.

The first of these pictures was taken at just about the exact same position and orientation as the falsified photo in question. The camera was facing east. You can see WTC Building 5 in the distant background.

The photo on the right was taken before 9-27-01 from almost exactly 180 degrees in the opposite direction as the first picture. The camera is facing west. You can know that it was taken from almost exactly the opposite direction by noticing how object A is aligned with beam #1.

That giant golden ball in the foreground is the sculpture which was in the center of the plaza. This tells you that the photographer was actually closer to WTC Building 5 than they were to where the North Tower used to be.

You can see that there were no highly protruding objects between the photographer and object A. Therefore the mystery material couldn't be located behind object A in the picture Steven Jones uses in his paper.

So if this mystery material (shown circled in pink in the above photo) is not hanging from object A, and if it is not something in the rubble located behind object A, what is it?

It is a part of the background which the photoshop artist didn't realize he had to erase when they were digitally extracting these object from the background.

It is a photoshop mistake.

The artist didn't do a clean job while altering the image and accidentally left in part of the background.

It was an honest(?) mistake. They couldn't have known where object A ended and where WTC Building 5 began in the image.


No Visible Background

Please notice that in the previous image comparing Beam A from 3 photos, only the original photo Steven Jones presents in his paper has no background whatsoever.

Where the hell did the New York skyline go?

Most gentle and reasonable reader, don't you see a little problem here?

In fact, the only background remaining is the small part of the remains of WTC 5 the photoshop artist manipulators forgot to edit out.


The discovery that the very first photo in Steven's paper is indeed a forgery generates more questions than it answers.

Why would well organized people plant false photographic evidence of incandescent material among the WTC rubble within the 9-11 Truth Movement?

Consider the second photo that appears in Steven's paper, claimed to have been taken by the same photographer as the first, shown below.


Considering that the photo under examination (the fake one) is of a much better quality than the one above and was "taken" by the same photographer, why should we believe anything in this second photo?

And yet this is the best photographic proof of incandescent metal Steven offers us in his paper.

Or, even worse, consider a third photo Steven presents as evidence, shown below.

As this author mentions elsewhere, this photo could win first prize for the single most blurry, poorest quality evidenciary photo within the entire 9-11 Truth Movement. And yet this is what Steven presents as his best evidence.

This isn't a church, folks.

It is our duty to present better evidence than this.

So Who is Trying to Lead Us in the Wrong Direction?

The 9-11 Truth Community must realize that there are some very tricky people (lacking conscience) with a mountain of money that wish to steer our research in the wrong direction.

Space beams and no planes are just some of the more obvious examples.

But what about angle-cut columns and exaggerated claims of molten metal within the WTC rubble?

What about twisting the sighting of a small amount of incandescent substance falling from the 82nd floor of the northeast corner of WTC 2 into some global "thermite" collapse theory?

This twisting of facts is infinitely more devious than some space beam claims by Judy Wood can ever be.

Friends, think about it.
Note: In response to this photo study, only 2 people have claimed to find the mystery beam #2 within photos of the rubble.

You can see their claims and my proof that their claims are physically impossible here

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