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Why Fact-check? Why preserve a visual record?

The Website Written as a Book
1: Science and Subjective Viewpoints
2: Toward Accurate Collapse Histories
....2.1: Progressive Floor Collapses in the WTC Towers
....2.2: General Global Characteristics of Collapses
....2.3: Mathematical Basis of ROOSD Propagation
....2.4: WTC1 Accurate Collapse History
....2.5: WTC2 Accurate Collapse History
....2.6: WTC7 Accurate Collapse History
3: WTC Collapse Misrepresentations
....3.1: Purpose of the NIST Reports
....3.2: NIST WTC1 Misrepresentations
....3.3: NIST WTC7 Misrepresentations
....3.4: NIST WTC2 Misrepresentations
....3.5: Reviewing the Purpose of NIST and FEMA Reports
....3.6: Bazant Misrepresentation of Collapse Progressions
....3.7: Block Misrepresentations of Collapse Progressions
....3.8: AE911T Misrepresentations of the Collapses
4: Scientific Institutions Can Be Unaware of Contradiction
5: Reassessing the Question of Demolition
....5.1: The Case of WTC1
....5.2: The Case of WTC2
....5.3: The Case of WTC7
6: WTC Collapse Records Studied as Meme Replication
....6.1: Meme Replication in Technical Literature
....6.2: Meme Replication in Mass Media
....6.3: Meme Replication in Popular Culture
....6.4: John Q Public and the WTC Collapse Records

WTC Twin Towers Collapse Dynamics

Official, Legal Attempts to Explain Collapses

Academic Attempts to Explain Collapses Reviewed

On the Limits of Science and Technology

WTC Video Record

WTC Photographic Record
WTC1 Attack to Collapse
WTC2 Attack to Collapse
Fire Progression, WTC1 North Face
Fire Progression, WTC1 South Face
Fire Progression, WTC1 East Face
Fire Progression, WTC1 West Face
Fire Progression, WTC2 North Face
Fire Progression, WTC2 South Face
Fire Progression, WTC2 East Face
Fire Progression, WTC2 West Face
Debris: WTC1 Around Footprint
Debris: WTC2 Around Footprint
Debris: From WTC1 Westward
Debris: From WTC1 Northward
Debris: From WTC2 Eastward
Debris: From WTC2 Southward
Debris: Plaza Area, Northeast Complex
Debris: Hilton Hotel, Southwest Complex
Debris: General, Unidentified Locations
Damage to Surrounding Buildings
Perimeter Column Photo Record
Perimeter Columns: Types of Damage
Core Box Columns: Types of Damage
Complete Photo Archive
Other Major 9-11 Photo Archives
The 911Dataset Project

WTC Structural Information

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Online Misrepresentations of the WTC Collapses

Forum, Blog Representations of the WTC Collapses

The Book Tested Through Experiments

Miscellaneous Notes, Resources
FAQ for Miscellaneous Notes
History Commons 9/11 Timeline
The 911Dataset Project
Skyscraper Safety Campaign
First and Largest 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
Key Words in Book and Website
Trapped Within a Narrowed False Choice
Vulnerability and Requestioning
On Memes and Memetics
Obedience, Conformity and Mental Structure
Denial, Avoidance (Taboo) and Mental Structure
Taboos Against Reviewing the Collapse Events
Extreme Situations and Mental Structure
Suggestibility, Hypnosis and Mental Structure
Awareness and Behavior
Magical, Religious, Scientific Cause-Effect Relations
The Extreme Limits of Mental Dysfunction
Orwell's "Crimestop", "Doublethink", "Blackwhite"
William James, Max Born: Science as Philosophy
Plato on Self Reflection and Mental Structure
Rewriting History, part 1
Rewriting History, part 2
On Smart Idiots

New Ideas in Education

John Q Public and the Technical Record of the WTC Collapses

John Q Public and the Technical Record of the WTC Collapses


As demonstrated in parts 2 and 3, The global attributes of the collapses of WTC 1 and 2 are best viewed through the lens ROOSD, or massive chains of progressive floor collapses.

The main thesis of this book can be tested in many ways. One of which is by looking at the collapses through the lens of John Q Public.

One of the many consequences of there being no accurate technical description or history of the collapses is that there is a large information void right in the middle of the events of 9-11-01. There is a gaping void of verifiable, correct information regarding each collapse and people are filling that gap of information in various ways.

What does the absence of any accurate global collapse model for WTC1 and 2 have on the general perceptions and opinions of the larger populace toward the collapses?

Well, absent reasonable descriptions, what would one expect them to see?

Consider these unique global shapes and flows taken by the interactions of structure and particulates in the following images. These formations and shapes are etched into the minds of millions and millions of human beings from all parts of the world in connection to the events of 9/11/01.


Consider, what resources does John Q Public have available to him that are capable helping resolve his inevitable confusion concerning the patterns witnessed in images of the collapses?

Different people will see different things. They might as well toss a coin to decide what is actually happening. After all, how are people to interpret the distinct global formations witnessed during the collapses with the information given to them?

While explaining none of these giant particulate formations to the general public, it hardly seems fair to blame the average person for being confused and having questions about what they see. They are starved of the information necessary to understand the complex movements and flows being witnessed. If Dr Bazant or Dr Seffen could not decipher the patterns witnessed, it seems absurd to blame John Q Public for not understanding the same complex flow. John Q Public is forced to choose a belief.

Perhaps John Q Public will be able to decipher the WTC2 mass and particulate patterns more clearly:


Like John Q Public, millions and millions of people look at these images with distinct characteristic global shapes and striking features but they are not given any accompanying explanation as to why anything took the appearance and large scale formations that they did.

With the information available to them, their opinions can never rise to more than a vague, confused belief. Many people may believe they are quite certain of their opinions , but deeper analysis and questioning can show that they are just as confused and unable to interpret what they see as any other Average Joe or Jane.

Their sense of certainty is only an illusion that easily crumbles when put to the test. Underneath the false certainty there is a void of reliable technical information to help one understand what one sees.

As a result, John Q Public is basically reduced to a state of belief when he looks at the visual record of the collapses. He may believe one way, or another, or a third, but whichever way he goes it can never be anything more than a belief.

The source of confusion starts from there being an information void, not from the private citizens forced to grope in the dark as a result. To be ignorant of the gaping information void in which the larger populace finds itself, and then to blame large elements of the populace for any misunderstandings they may have regarding collapse characteristics, is really to misrepresent the whole chain of responsibility.

My conclusions are that his confusion is very legitimate, and his fixed sense of certainty is something of a mirage. It is an inevitable response to the lack of information available to him. He is simply responding to the void. This author does not blame people for being confused by what they are looking at.. In fact, if they were able to describe what they are looking at within the general shapes the collapses take shown earlier, I'd be quite surprised.


Imagine that John Q Public wants to know more about the collapse progression modes of the Twin Towers. He may think1 he will have an easy time of it and begins by using the search engines google, yahoo and bing to scour for information. He also has access to all the information within the FEMA and NIST reports and all published articles within ASCE and other professional journals.

Perhaps John Q Public takes such an interest in the subject that he reads all the most up-to-date academic and professional papers he can on progressive collapse.

John Q. Public's base resources are:

Search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing

Search keywords

"progressive collapse"
"progressive floor collapse"
"wtc collapse"
"world trade center collapses"
"collapse progression"

ASCE Database search

FEMA reports with search function
NIST reports with search function

9-11 Commission Report transcripts

2002 and 2005 Congressional Hearings Transcripts on the WTC Collapses

Perhaps John Q Public looks over the ASCE literature on WTC collapse mode and collapse mechanics.


People of different levels of interest, perception, talent, and sincerity will see different things.

The list of Government, technical, mass media, and general public access information on the WTC collapses has already largely been examined throughout this book. A reader that understands much of the information within this book is already far ahead of John Q Public concerning an overview of both the visual and written technical records on the WTC collapses. A careful reader should easily be able to locate the main sources accessible to John Q Public and be familiar with the most common scientific memes he is likely to encounter.

On to Conclusions

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