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Angle-Cut Columns

Angle-Cut Columns


The Great Angle-Cut

The Great Angle-Cut, shown above, has become a bit of a symbolic image within the 9-11 Truth Movement.

It has appeared in numerous documentaries. It is used to apparently insinuate that this cut was made during the demolition process.

But, unfortunately, claims like this make 9-11 truthers look incompetent.

Friends, if two 110 story buildings are demolished by means of these angle-cuts, wouldn't you be able to find more than one individual photo of one individual beam among the hundreds of photos publicly available to support this claim?

And before the 9-11 Truth Movement allows this individual photo to become symbolic of foul play, wouldn't someone want to ask a group of welders at the local union hall what they think of this picture?

It would have been a good idea, because these welders would probably tell you that this looks a lot like a cut made by an oxygen lance torch.

In his paper "Why Indeed Did....", Steven Jones uses only the following 3 images in the 10th point made, called "Controlled Demolition “Implosions” Require Skill".

He is obviously implying that the Great Angle Cut was made by a linear shaped charge, and the cuts seen in the lower photo weren't made during the clean-up, but from the demolition.

Most people familiar with his work will know that he claims that this cut was made using thermite or thermate.

But it appears that this column was in fact cut during the clean-up operations using an oxygen lance.

In the group of photos shown below, you can see the Great Angle-Cut next to known oxygen lance cuts.



Please notice the extreme similarities between the 4 pictures shown above. The once liquified, now solidified metallic by-product look identical.

Looking a bit further into thermic lance cutting, one can find that it is used to cut heavy thick sections which are not possible to be cut by oxy acetylene flame cutting. Whereas an oxy acetylene torch can cut steel thickness up to 60 cm, the oxygen lance cutting can cut steel up to 240 cm.



In the group of photos shown above, the 2 images on the right show the use of an thermic lance to bore a hole through concrete.

But if this is concrete, where did the metallic by-product come from?

The lance works by using a highly exothermic chemical reaction. The resulting metal is from the rod used in the lance cutter. The exothermic reaction continues after the cutter has been removed.

Please notice that in the photo of the Great Angle-Cut, the metallic drippings are in the inside of the box beam near the top of the cut, but are on the outside of the beam along the bottom edge, suggesting a cutting technique used by the clean-up crews.

First a hole is bored near the top of the cut to start the cut. The sides are cut from without. The lance is inserted into the hole and the bottom edge is cut by the long lance from within.

Now please try to explain the existence of the the hole near the top of the cut and the metallic drippings on the lower edge using some thoretical "thermite cutter instrument", assuming one exists that works on 4 or 5 inch steel (nobody has found such a device that works on steel this thick).



In the group of photos shown above, the one on the left was taken during the WTC clean-up. The 2 on the right are examples of a person using a thermic lance.

The similarities are unmistakable.

The following video clip is of some clean-up operations at ground zero. We can see a thermic lance being used in three different occasions.

And below is a decent educational clip explaining why we should not use the angle-cut photograph as evidence

Why Does Steven Jones Keep Pushing This as a Thermite Cut?

I, among others, have repeatedly expressed my concerns to Steven Jones about keeping this photo in articles in the Journal of 911 Studies.

This photograph, as used in his paper, is totally misleading and it is clearly used to sell false information to the reader.

Honest Mistake or...

It is natural for the reader to think that this may just be an honest mistake on the part of Steven Jones. And I would have believed this also if I personally hadn't communicated with Steven Jones on this issue over a period of at least 6 months.

I, too, am (was?) a member of the Scholars for Truth and Justice. I have communicated my concerns to Steven and all members of that organization through their forum.

As a result of these exchanges, many members were able to see that this picture is not what Steven portrays it as in his paper.

However, Steven still refuses to remove it from the Journal of 9-11 Studies. He seems entrenched in his position despite having no evidence to support his claim. The only reasons he gave me for keeping it in the Journal border on the surreal.

So, instead of removing this photo from the Journal of 9-11 Studies and looking for more solid evidence of the demolitions that most assuredly took place, Steven Jones helped turn this photo into a symbol of central importance for the 9-11 truth movement.

This photo of an oxygen lance cut became an iconic symbol for "faith-based research"

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