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Why Fact-check? Why preserve a visual record?

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Perimeter Sections Easily Detached

Perimeter Sections Easily Detached

Perimeter columns were seen to fall to the earth very differently depending on from which region they were located.

3 distinct regions are:

REGION 1 is > floor 97
REGION 2 is between floors 92 to 97
REGION 3 is < floor 92

FROM REGION 2, pieces often very large and visible (up to 5 stories high, up to 25 columns wide) were seen to become quickly detached from the building and go into freefall. These falling pieces lead the collapse front and leave an almost continuous trail of dust that serves to obscure the rest of the collapse from view. The largest pieces are not noticably crushed, buckled or deformed.

This behavior sharply contrasts with the perimeter panels from region 3 (below floor 92) Region 3 perimeter sections are seen to slowly "peel" outwards from the building in very large sections.

"Peeling" means the top of a long perimeter sheet is seen to move away from the building but not in freefall. It does not follow a trajectory of freefall because it's bottom portion is still firmly attached to the building structure.

The arrows in the graphic below show the trajectories of 5 of the largest perimeter sections that fell from region 2 (between floors 97 and 92).

In the following photo we can see the large piece from the NE corner, floors 92 to 97 (on the left) in freefall.

Before discussing this and other large pieces in more detail, note that we can also see a smaller 2 column section leading the fall on the right. This section leads all other objects in the fall by such a wide margin that it won't even be visible in most all the photos shown below.

This smaller piece came from region 2, between floors 92 and 97, and is an excellent indication of what the speed of freefall actually is in WTC1.


A close-up of this section is shown below.

In the next photo we can see 2 large sections in freefall: The NE corner section (on the left) shown before and a very large section from the west perimeter on the right.

A couple of things to note:

The NE corner piece seems severed along a straight line on the bottom even though perimeter column sections are installed staggered for strength.

Both these extremely large sections are about 5 floors tall.

There is a third extremely large section in the above photo that is not yet visible: The section is falling from the north (left) face but you cannot see it because it has not yet emerged from the dust.

There is a small piece of the perimeter still attached to the building and firmly in place near the top of the photo (outlined in pink). The top of this piece marks floor 97.

A close-up of the NE corner piece is shown below.

Where was this NE corner piece originally located within WTC1?

The location is outlined in pink below.

The same piece is located within the rectangle on the left in the N face projection below.

the photo below was taken fron the north. It shows large pieces falling from the east face.

THey show all the characteristics of the other large pieces from the 92 to 97th floor:

1) They are sections about 5 stories in height.

2) They lead all other objects in the fall.

3) They leave a heavy trail of dust, effectively obscuring the view of the rest of the collapse.

The photo below is from the NW. We can see the huge perimeter section falling from the west face and a smaller section (most probably from the same area) just beside it.

We also, for the first time, see the huge N face perimeter section just begin to emerge from the dust.

Of all the large sections from between floors 92 to 97, the huge N perimeter section is the hardest to see. It distinctly emerges from the dust only after it is concealed by WTC7 in most videos.

Within the last few days I have seen a video which clearly shows this perimeter section from the N face. It is very large, intact and unbuckled. I'm working on extracting useful images from the video and I'll post them here in a short time.

Once again, note that perimeter sections behave very differently depending on which region they are from.

Region 2, from floors 92 to 97, is discussed in this section. They are the earliest objects to become detached from WTC1, lead the fall on all visible sides of WTC1 and are unique in that...

1) They are all about 5 stories tall

2) They show no evidence of buckling or noticable deformations

3) Each one leads all other local falling objects in their descent.

4) They all trail a thick dust which obscures the collapse from view.

If you retrace where these objects originally came from, you will be able to effectively reconstitute the entire 92 to 97 floor perimeter region on the west, north and the bulk of the east side with these pieces.

You will find they fit together like pieces in a puzzle.

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