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Why Fact-check? Why preserve a visual record?

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WTC1 Ejections Below the Collapse Fronts

WTC1 Ejections Below the Collapse Fronts

A composite image of supposedly random ejections seems to show a repeating pattern

This pattern was extracted from the motion shown here:

75th floor:

Mechanical floor ejections

Even ejections along the fl 75 MER beam flooring

WTC1 E, N faces, fl 75-77 MER ejections:

N fl 41-43 ejections"

Ejection Locations

For each jet we require the following parameters:

a) Floor (001..110)
b) Face (N, S, E, W)
c) Position (000..100 % across face from left to right)
d) Start Time (00.00 s from t0)
e) Horizontal Rate (00 m/s based on time for ejecta to be 10m from face?)
f) Elevation (000.0m)

Suggested format: 110 N 050 01.23 12 123.4

Multiple possibles for each jet listed. Each jet separated by blank line.

89W 331,0128 (col. 450 ... 455 ???)

88W 327.35m (col. 445 ... 450 ???)

87W 323.69m 4.13sec (col.430 ... 440 ???)

86? N 068? ? ? ?
85 N ? ? ? 313.3
85N 316.38m 4.81sec (col.117 ... 121)

85 W ? ? ? 316.3*

75N 277.97m 5.49sec (col.128 ... 130)
75 N ? ? ? 274.9

77W 286.51m 4.81sec (col.434 ... 430)
75 W ? ? ? 277.9*

55N 202.99m 9.33sec (col.443)
55 N ? ? ? 256.0

54W 199,34m 9.73sec (col.115)
55 W ? ? ? 202.0

41N 149.35m 11.59sec (start in the center, later about 50% wide)

I found this image in the blueprints. It shows an elevator pit at the 77th floor and the lowest opening at the 78th fl sky lobby.

The drawings of all the elevator banks on the 77th and 76th fls are available at the link:

Go to "zone 3 elevation banks A, B, C and D".

If I were to attack columns at the welds in this region, the 77th fl welds at the base of the pits would be the perfect choice. (You don't even need to bring your own ladder.)

The area under the hall leading to the elevators must be dead space, since it surrounded by elevator pits on both sides. This leaves the pits themselves and the dead space between pits as concealed areas. The 77th fl weld connections are in this concealed space, about 3 to 4 ft above the floor of the pit.

Where are the 77th floor elevator pits located?

(orange arrow should be moved to line up with the hallway.)

The elevators that are marked on floor 78 but disappear on floor 77 have pits on floor 77.

The areas in which people wait for these elevators become bathrooms on floor 77.

I think most everyone can agree that a sharp over-pressurization of one or more 77th fl elevator pits that bursts out the side of the pit into the hallway is the leading explanation for the 77th fl ejection which matches all observables. Besides these pits, there is nothing structurally unique about floor 77 that could explain over-pressures.

In the images above please notice how the hallway is much wider on fl 78 than it is on fl 77.

If you look closely at the77th fl plans, you will see that there are wide closets (shown in purple below) which narrow the hall considerably.

I think this is important to understand why the jet shot out over such a narrow range of windows.

The hallway is in green below.

The ejection lines up perfectly with the green hallway. Notice that the ejection is only concentrated over a few windows. We can count 26 columns from the NW and 33 from the SW corners, which lines up in the middle of the green hallway. If the closets were not there and the hallway was wider, the ejection woud no longer line up with the center of the hallway.

The elevator pits are in the red regions separated by bathrooms. The ejection is most probably due to activity in the pits breaking through the hallway walls and charging the green hallway with pressure.

Collapse initiation from the south and southward ejecta below the collapse front studied in detail at this link.

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