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Why Fact-check? Why preserve a visual record?

The Website Written as a Book
1: Science and Subjective Viewpoints
2: Toward Accurate Collapse Histories
....2.1: Progressive Floor Collapses in the WTC Towers
....2.2: General Global Characteristics of Collapses
....2.3: Mathematical Basis of ROOSD Propagation
....2.4: WTC1 Accurate Collapse History
....2.5: WTC2 Accurate Collapse History
....2.6: WTC7 Accurate Collapse History
3: WTC Collapse Misrepresentations
....3.1: Purpose of the NIST Reports
....3.2: NIST WTC1 Misrepresentations
....3.3: NIST WTC7 Misrepresentations
....3.4: NIST WTC2 Misrepresentations
....3.5: Reviewing the Purpose of NIST and FEMA Reports
....3.6: Bazant Misrepresentation of Collapse Progressions
....3.7: Block Misrepresentations of Collapse Progressions
....3.8: AE911T Misrepresentations of the Collapses
4: Scientific Institutions Can Be Unaware of Contradiction
5: Reassessing the Question of Demolition
....5.1: The Case of WTC1
....5.2: The Case of WTC2
....5.3: The Case of WTC7
6: WTC Collapse Records Studied as Meme Replication
....6.1: Meme Replication in Technical Literature
....6.2: Meme Replication in Mass Media
....6.3: Meme Replication in Popular Culture
....6.4: John Q Public and the WTC Collapse Records

WTC Twin Towers Collapse Dynamics

Official, Legal Attempts to Explain Collapses

Academic Attempts to Explain Collapses Reviewed

On the Limits of Science and Technology

WTC Video Record

WTC Photographic Record
WTC1 Attack to Collapse
WTC2 Attack to Collapse
Fire Progression, WTC1 North Face
Fire Progression, WTC1 South Face
Fire Progression, WTC1 East Face
Fire Progression, WTC1 West Face
Fire Progression, WTC2 North Face
Fire Progression, WTC2 South Face
Fire Progression, WTC2 East Face
Fire Progression, WTC2 West Face
Debris: WTC1 Around Footprint
Debris: WTC2 Around Footprint
Debris: From WTC1 Westward
Debris: From WTC1 Northward
Debris: From WTC2 Eastward
Debris: From WTC2 Southward
Debris: Plaza Area, Northeast Complex
Debris: Hilton Hotel, Southwest Complex
Debris: General, Unidentified Locations
Damage to Surrounding Buildings
Perimeter Column Photo Record
Perimeter Columns: Types of Damage
Core Box Columns: Types of Damage
Complete Photo Archive
Other Major 9-11 Photo Archives
The 911Dataset Project

WTC Structural Information

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Online Misrepresentations of the WTC Collapses

Forum, Blog Representations of the WTC Collapses

The Book Tested Through Experiments

Miscellaneous Notes, Resources
FAQ for Miscellaneous Notes
History Commons 9/11 Timeline
The 911Dataset Project
Skyscraper Safety Campaign
First and Largest 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
Key Words in Book and Website
Trapped Within a Narrowed False Choice
Vulnerability and Requestioning
On Memes and Memetics
Obedience, Conformity and Mental Structure
Denial, Avoidance (Taboo) and Mental Structure
Taboos Against Reviewing the Collapse Events
Extreme Situations and Mental Structure
Suggestibility, Hypnosis and Mental Structure
Awareness and Behavior
Magical, Religious, Scientific Cause-Effect Relations
The Extreme Limits of Mental Dysfunction
Orwell's "Crimestop", "Doublethink", "Blackwhite"
William James, Max Born: Science as Philosophy
Plato on Self Reflection and Mental Structure
Rewriting History, part 1
Rewriting History, part 2
On Smart Idiots

New Ideas in Education

Photo Archive Links

Photo Archive Links

Links to the Best Photo Archives

The following links are to good photo archives which others have made available to us.

Well compiled, high quality research photos at

A nice assembly of photos collected by Jim Hoffman at

Some useful research photos. Plaguepuppy.

A useful selection of photos at

A great collection of photos of the WTC Towers debris fields. They were originally made public by someone through 9-11 Blogger who "wasn't sure if they would be of any use". They remain some of the best close-up debris photos available. Thanks to this person.

A compilation of photos by Gordon Ross of the "collapse" initiation of the South Tower.

Photo compilation and analysis of the moments of "collapse" initiation. This analysis shows that the first most powerful ejections witnessed in the North Tower happened in 2 distinct clear horizontal rows and were separated by 3 floors.

A birds-eye collection of photos taken in September, 2001 at

72 useful photos taken on 10-3-01. An anonymous photographer strolled past security taking pictures. These photos are highly useful

Some quality photos of the towers before "collapse" and of the neighborhood after the attacks attributed to Paul Rengel.

A collection of photos by someone who uses the name "bsbray".

Aman Zafar photos from his apartment. An excellent collection.
He took high resolution photos capturing the "spires", which were interconnected portions of the core columns seen clearly standing intact after the rest of the towers "collapsed".
Spires were witnessed in the "collapses" of both towers.
(Takes a few moments to download)

Steve Spak 911 Photos.

FEMA 911 Photos. We would expect some quality photos from FEMA considering they prophetically arrived in New York 2 days before 9-11-01.

Some useful interactive graphics from the (shameless) New York Times, distributing the illusion of news.

"Here is New York" 911 photos. A stunning number of photos available.
Notice that if you want to see close-up pictures of the actual debris fields, this may not be the best place to look

The 911 photos of Bill Biggart. High quality. His single-minded focus and poise in the face of danger is evident. He died while taking these photos.

A nice collection of 58 photos, mostly taken by air

A good collection of high resolution images, taken from the air.

These images are presented in the form of a power point slide show (6 MB). Some good images from the air.

Nice set of images


Photos of wide flange columns in the rubble

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